OldFlower Ali

OldFlower Ali was born in Hong Kong and educated in the UK,an Indian descendant with 100% Chinese appearance. OldFlower Ali has been obsessed with the art of drawing since very early age, he spared no effort to fill up school books and white walls with all kinds of sketches and scribbles through out his childhood. After graduating from London Middlesex University, OldFlower Ali practiced as an interior designer and later joined Hong Kong Commercial Radio to work as a DJ, while simultaneously continued to create art on regular basis and had published in UK’s INKLING comic monthly, SPEAK EASY comic journal, HK CITY magazine, MAGPAPER, COLOR magazine, The Standard, Yellow Bus magazine and etc…

In 2009, OldFlower Ali had his debut exhibition – “I don’t know what I want, I only know what I don’t want”, published his first graphic novel Let’s go Somewhere Beautiful in 2012 and launched his second illustration book All I want is you together with an original artwork exhibition in 2013. In 2015, OldFlower Ali was invited to participate in ‘The Music of Art” exhibition in Taipei.

Awards & Press

Solo Exhibitions
2016“We might kiss when we are alone” - Yau Ma Tei kubrick cafe, Hong Kong
2014“100 Love Letter” - Yau Ma Tei kubrick cafe, Hong Kong
2013“All I want is you” - original artwork, Yau Ma Tei kubrick cafe, Hong Kong
2009“I don’t know what I want, I only know what I don't want” - kubrick APM, Hong Kong
Joint Exhibitions
2009“The Music of Art” - Taipei Eslite Bookstore, Taiwan
2013“All I want is you” Kubrick, Hong Kong
2012“Let’s go Somewhere Beautiful” Kubrick, Hong Kong
Art Fair
2016Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong
2016Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong

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