John Ho

John Ho, Multi-media artist, who has been working as a graphic designer and creative director for various local magazines. John’s work is very personal which display a dreamy world of playful childishness. He is interested in writing poems and verses, a selection of which is collected in his illustrated poetry album “Forget Travel”. His second book “Honey Green Tea” was published in 2008, and the third one “All About Youth” was published in 2009. “Life in Tokyo” was published after studying abroad in Tokyo from 2010 to 2011. His gift product brand “John Ho Collection” was set up in 2012. His books began to publish in China and Taiwan since 2014. The latest book is “Life is Like a Pop Song”.

Artist Works


Astronaut – 太空人

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Cart Noodle – 車仔麵

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Confused – 困惑

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Crying – 哭


Awards & Press

20132nd Great China Illustration Awards (The Best Illustration of Publication & Editorial)
Solo Exhibitions
2014“Hong Kong Good Times”- PMQ Hong Kong
2014“Hong Kong Good Times”- Joie Eternelle Bookstore Taipei Taiwan
2013“Life In Tokyo”- Eslite Taipei Taiwan
2013“John Ho's Product show“ - Hong Kong Design Gallery Hong Kong
2012“X'mas Dreamland” - TMT Plaza Hong Kong
2011“John Ho illustration“ - Cheng Du Times Art Space China
2008“Honey Green Tea“ - LCX Store Causeway Bay Hong Kong
2007“All about nature" Illustration Exhibition” - TaiKoo Place, Island East Hong Kong
Joint Exhibitions
2009“Tokyo Art Fair” – Japan
2015“Life Is Like A Pop Song”, Joint Publishing, Hong Kong
2014“Hong Kong's Good Times”, Sunrise Press, Taiwan
2013“Honey Green Tea (China version) ”, Joint Publishing, Hong Kong
2013“Life in Tokyo (Taiwan version) ”, Sunrise Press, Taiwan
2012“Life in Tokyo”, Joint Publishing, Hong Kong
2009“All About Youth”, Joint Publishing, Hong Kong
2008“Honey Green Tea”, Joint Publishing, Hong Kong
1999“Forget Travel”, Joint Publishing, Hong Kong

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