Gender Identity

We cannot deny that topics of being gay, gender non-conforming or transgender are difficult to broach in society. Most of the time we do not know where to begin or are afraid of stepping into the forbidden zones. From the moment one is born, one’s gender is assigned according to his/her biological sex instead of how one behaves or identifies with oneself. Many suffered from gender dysphoria all their lives just because they have conflicts with their assigned gender. 

Our society needs to be more liberal and accepting. Though many of us are cisgender, some people do define themselves as non-binary. While there is still no law in Hong Kong to protect sexual minorities, many countries like India already recognise transgender people as a third gender. It is the right of every human being to determine their gender. Some insist that gender identity needs to be based on objective evidence rather than one’s own feelings, so why don’t we start this discussion and work on this complicated yet momentous issue?